Fish Tales Fishing Club

Due to the Outbreak of Covid-19
all of our meeting are being held on Zoom
for members only.
Stay tuned for further updates
Smart and Stay Safe

Our Meetings are held at
The Worth Township Offices
Located at 11601 S. Pulaski Rd,
Alsip, IL, USA
There is plenty of parking,
including handicapped.
Come one, Come all!
September 11, 2001
Moon Phases

    We are a Fishing Club established in 1989. We meet on the third
    Thursday of each month at the Worth Township Offices, 11601 S.
    Pulaski Rd., Alsip, Illinois, USA.
    During the year we hold one Outdoor Meeting, a Fish Fry, a Picnic
    and a Christmas Party.
    Dues are only $50 per year. A monthly News Letter is included. Non
    Members, there is a $5.00 Guest Fee at the door. If you decide to
    join before the end of the next two meetings , the $5.00 will go
    towards your yearly dues.
    We ask Guests to check in with the Club Secretary.
    For more info go to the aboutus page!
    See you at the next meeting!
Saying Good-bye
2019 saw many of us saying good bye to loved
ones within our families and our circle of friends. It
is always tough to lose a loved one. A wife,
husband, child, parent, or any other special person
in our lives. Most of us can only offer our
condolences and well wishes for the people left
This past December, our club lost another of our
Fish Tales family. The good Lord called Chuck Cook
to join his heavenly fishing team. Chuck joins so
far too quickly. Jim Pinson, Pinky, Roger, Lenny D,
to join his heavenly fishing team. Chuck joins so
Jim Fredrichs, Barney Pfieffer, Duke O’Malley  and
so many others.
Chuck joined our club in 1996 and served as an
officer for 12 years. President for seven, Trips and
Secretary as well. Yes, Chuck was Secretary. Many
times he would write e-mails that seemed only he
could understand. One evening while he and I were
visiting, I asked him if he would like to learn how
to use spell check. He had an interesting answer.
“Jackson, I know how to use it. I have used it when
it is important enough, but for the most part,
anyone who knows me, knows what I’m saying or
what I mean. Those that don’t – well it gives them
something to gripe about.” That was Chuck. He
never put on airs or pretended to be someone that
he wasn’t. What you saw was what you got. That is
what made him a very special kind of guy. You
could ask him anything, and if he could help you he
would. If he couldn’t, he would damn well try to
find someone who could. Chuck loved this club and
its members. He just enjoyed being involved. He
even started a club in Valparaiso called “Friends of
It is said that if a man has five true friends, he is
considered a success, and a very rich man. If that
is true, Chuck was the most successful and richest
guy on the planet. There are many people I miss,
but I think I will miss him the most.
Tight Lines O’Troller, Ketch a kepper fur me!
Jack Knies
In Memory of: Charles "Chuck" E. Cook, Jr.